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McNicol Riesling 2010

Clare Valley, South Australia

100% Riesling


Double Gold Medal + 96 Points. Best wine of country, Australia. The Sommeliers Choice Awards USA.

Suveræn rig, stilfuld, fed, kompleks dry grown Riesling fremstillet ud fra organisk kultiverede marker hvor der ikke anvendes herbicider eller pesticider. Vinen er fantastisk karakterful og de mange års lagring har givet den et sauternes-agtig præg, der klæder druen usædvanligt godt kombineret med noter af modne pærer, galia meloner, citrusfrugter, honning – og champagnebrus 😊.

Et ypperligt glas vin, der vil gøre sig mesterligt til gode oste, skaldyr og andre gastronomiske gaver.

Senest bedømt i april 2020.

Læs om Mitchell Wines


Noter fra vinmageren

The grapes for McNicol Riesling are grown without irrigation nor exposure to herbicides or pesticides. The wine is fermented with natural, indigenous yeasts in a 3000 litre French oak foudre and aged on its lees in the barrel for 12 months. After 10 years of bottle age, the wine shows intense spice, citrus fruit with a long lingering mineral palate.

The Single vineyard that supplies the grapes for the acclaimed McNicol Riesling may be the prettiest in all of the Clare Valley. It lies on the side of a steep hill rich in quartzite, with views of Sevenhill and Watervale beyond. Kangaroos hop around the dry grown vines.
These dry grown grapes offer great depth. Think of them as vines that have to work of a living, rather than having it all handed to them. They just have more character. This vineyard has never been irrigated and neither herbicides nor pesticides have been used.

The McNicol Riesling is simply too powerful to be released in its youth and needs time in the cellar. It sees age in 3000 Litre oak and maintained on lees before bottling. A pleasing minerality compliments the citrus and spice character. The most recognizable trait is the amazing long finish and this hints at a long life in the cellar for those bottles that are not sacrificed early. We only produce 250 cases of this very special wine.


Fra vinskribenterne

Double Gold Medal + 96 Points. Best wine of country, Australia. The Sommeliers Choice Awards USA.
The Sommeliers Choice Awards attracted hundreds of international entries, and were judged by top sommeliers, wine buyers and directors from some of the USA’s most acclaimed restaurants. The McNicol Riesling was one of only four wines to be awarded a double gold at the 2019 event.


Deep golden-yellow colour: a mature riesling with powerful, complex bouquet of buttered toast slathered with lime and grapefruit marmalade. Some nutty overtones, too. It’s rich and full-bodied, loaded with flavour and backed by impressive structure which includes a certain tannin backbone, which contributes to a very long carry. The finish is clean and dry and resonant. A monumental riesling, now fully mature.

96 point. 5 Stjerner, Guldmedalje og Top Rank hos Huon Hook fra The Real Review.



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Om Mitchell Wines

Mitchell Wines i Clare Valley er første Clare Valley winery hos The Wine Tree. Clare Valley er cool climate område i Australien og kan nogle andre ting end de mere varme områder i McLaren Vale og Barossa Valley. I Clare Valley trives de hvide druer anderledes godt og området er især kendt for deres Riesling. Ydermere giver det køligere klima en anden og måske mere europæisk stil for de røde druer end de varme områder gør.
The Wine Tree er stolt af at kunne tilbyde vine fra Mitchell Wines. Mitchell Wines omtales som én af de bedst gemte hemmeligheder i Australien og roses til skyerne alle vegne. Deres McNicol Riesling menes at være måske den bedste Riesling i Australien! Kig selv, der er noget om snakken.
With all the Mitchell Wines I’ve seen in recent time, value is a word which springs to mind. Lots to offer and then some yet again the asking price much less than expected. – An ever-reliable producer. (QWinereviews). – Is this the Best Riesling Made in Australia? – It’s a masterpiece (The Riesling Blog) 

Som prikken over i’et anvender Mitchell ikke herbicider eller pesticider på deres marker.


Fra Mitchells hjemmeside.

Widely recognised as one of the world’s great riesling producers, Mitchell Wines is a small family owned winery in the Clare Valley, South Australia. From their mature, dry grown vineyards the family produces an exclusive range of high quality table wines. As well as the riesling, they craft intensely flavoured, well structured, long living reds from Shiraz, Cabernet and Grenache.


To make great wine you need great vineyards..

We have four main vineyard sites spread throughout the Clare Valley which range in altitude from 300 to 450 metres. The winery site in Sevenhill is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon and is home to the McNicol Shiraz and McNicol Riesling vineyards. We have two sites in the famous Watervale region, named Alcatraz and Growers. These are mostly Riesling vineyards, with vine age upwards of 50 years. And Lastly in the hills of Auburn, our newest vineyard, which was planted in the mid 90’s.
We believe that to make great wine you need great vineyards, so we spend a lot of time getting these just right. Around 10 or so years ago we converted our vineyard farming practices back to those that our grandfather, Peter McNicol Mitchell, employed. We had noticed a gradual decline in the soil health, so we stopped using artificial herbicides and pesticides. We wanted to get away from the monoculture our vineyards had become and began to promote biodiversity, where once we had bare dead earth we now have lush soils full or worms and other creepy crawlies, we have clovers growing through the mid rows, wasps and bees flying around.
Angus Mitchell, Vineyard Manager.


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