Thicker Than Water 2009

McLaren Vale III Associates. McLaren Vale. South Australia.

80 % Shiraz, 20 % Grenache


Fantastisk smooth vin med flot eg. Duftnuancer af brombær, grønne æbler, klementiner, oliven og smagsnoter af mørk chokolade, kastanje, abrikos, figner, vanilje og grafit. Høj viskositet giver en silkeblød feel med lang smag.

Senest bedømt d. 9. september 2017.

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Brødrene Campbell og Mark Greer, der er winemakere på McLaren Vale III-Associates, har sideløbende med Giant Squid Ink, Squid Ink og hvad de ellers arbejder med på III-Associates, deres eget lille hobbyprojekt, hvor de håndplukker de bedste druer fra III-Associates marker og på helt eksperimentel basis skaber nogle helt særlige vine.

Årgang 2009 er fundet frem fra winemaker Campbell Greers dybe kældre fra deres museums kollektion og The Wine Tree kan helt ekstraordinært tilbyde dem i et yderst begrænset antal. Der er kun produceret 250 flasker af årgang 2009!


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Noter fra vinmageren

An opportunity awaited two brothers to turn family owned vines to wine and create an exceptionally exclusive piece of McLaren Vale in a bottle. This rare limited batch (250 bottles) is made in the homestead cellars of Simply Red vineyards, and this micro parcel of wine has allowed precision handling from the vine to the glass.

Hand selected and hand picked
Immediate processing ensured product freshness, where must (crushed grapes) went to a small quarter tonne fermenter before being inoculated.

(Email from Campbell Greer)

This was a unique vintage in that the Grenache, usually a later ripening variety was ready at the same time as the Shiraz. I took this rare opportunity to co-ferment the two varieties. The shiraz was gently crushed through rollers only with the Grenache being added as whole bunch. The whole bunch Grenache allows the extractions of tannin and colour to be nice and slow and therefore gentle resulting in a moderate tannin extraction with a confectionary like character. Despite only a 20% portions of Grenache I believe these characters are present and very attractive giving a real fruit sweetness to the wine.

Fermentation was kept cool by plunging dry ice down into the ferment, again to prolong the primary fermentation and allow for a gentle extraction of colour, tannin and flavour.

A combination of new American and French oak for two years, this stylistically different wine is drinking very well now but will be enhanced by cellaring 5+ years. Pungently warm with grippy tannins and full of licorice, blackberry and coffee notes.

399,00 DKK

Om McLaren Vale III Associates

III Associates Winery ligger næsten helt anonymt på Foggo Road, der er en lille afstikker fra Kangarilla road, der tager dig fra McLaren Vale gennem McLaren Flat til Kangarilla. III Associates er ikke et winery, man ser med det samme, og af selv samme årsag tog det også os nogle måneder, før at det gik op for os, at her lå der altså et sted, der bød på noget helt særligt. Vi læste om stedet i et af de lokale Discover Fleurieu Peninsula blade, og vi besøgte stedet kort tid efter.
McLaren Vale III Associates er et familieejet winery og består af Reg Wymond og Mary og John Greer, samt sønnen og winemaker Campbell Greer. Familien har skotske rødder, og følelsen af at man lige så godt kunne have været i Skotland og smage whisky, var klart til stede. Faderen John Greer, med det markante overskæg og de store tatoveringer ned ad begge arme, er en behagelig og helt nede på jorden skotte, der giver én fornemmelsen af, at man er velkommen og i trykke hænder.

Til trods for stedets nærmest underspillede rolle, bliver der her produceret vine i den absolutte superliga.



Af Winemaker Campbell Greer

“I began working in the vineyard around my schooling at age 15, when to be honest, it was more about making some money. I loved the learning and the physical work, however I was probably a little blind to the value of some of the very respected viticulturists I had a chance to work with and learn from.
At age 18, on completing high school I was employed by one of Australia’s largest wine producers South Corp Wines (later Fosters, now Treasury Wines), where I began to learn the world of wine.
Fortunately, I again had the opportunity to work with some of the best winemakers in the country, although at this point I was more focused and appreciative.
I shot off to California in 2003 to work a vintage, before returning to Fosters entirely convinced that winemaking was going to be my life. Having the full support of my employee and mentors, I enrolled into Oenology (Winemaking) at Adelaide University part time while still working at the winery. I still don’t know how I managed!
After completing University and nearly eight years of corporate winery experience I wanted to see what others were doing on a smaller scale and managed to get a job at a contract facility, where I had exposure to different methods, winemakers and producers while working in the background with our former winemaker Brian Light. Although the family business was my ultimate destination, I really wanted to develop my own style and philosophies, so although I was always involved, I kept my day job elsewhere for that time.
With almost two decades of experience my heart has been firmly in the family winery for a few years now and I don’t plan on going anywhere. I can honestly say I love it! I have control of outstanding world-class fruit, as well as the diversity of everything else that comes with a family business.
I always loved the arts and honestly believe that creativity is truly the best form of self-expression, be it through music, art, making wine or how you operate your business. My winemaking philosophy is, you need to get it right in the vineyard, then understand the science that creates quality wine and then from there you implement creativity to make something unique. All of which aligns with our company vision to ‘Capture the essence of a time and place by consistently striving to create the worlds most memorable and desired wines’.”.


“One of the World’s most diverse regions.”
McLaren Vale is a 12 x 10 mile triangle located on the Fleurieu Peninsula in South Australia.
Partially enfolded by an escarpment on the North the Onkaparinga Gorge shadows the valley, then running South West a 400m-altitude range contour line, circumscribes both the eastern and southern boundaries, before meeting the breath taking Great Australian Bight and Indian Ocean. It is this beautiful ocean that also attributes a fundamental part in regulating climate and in turn protecting McLaren Vale vineyards from disease.
With a recognised 19 Districts come 40 different geologies and thousands of microclimates to create one of the world’s most diverse regions.
An environmentally conscious region we practice sustainable viticulture on all our vineyards.
Our McMurtrie Rd vineyard, home to our Squid Ink range is the epitome of what defines one of the greatest vineyards in Australia, where the famous Black Bay of Biscay Clay soil ensures fantastic fruit consistently. Referred to by some local friends, as ‘Mayfair’ the use of sustainable viticulture and having true respect for the value of our vineyards and the fruit they create is a fundamental to our success.
Our Foggo Rd vineyard is home to our cellar door as well as some of our oldest vines including our 80+ year old, 1928 planted Shiraz and 80+ dry grown Grenache.


Rødvin. Australien. McLaren Vale


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