Richelieu Grenache 2014

Charles Melton Wines. Barossa Valley. South Australia.
100% Granache


Et eminent glas vin, der kun bliver fremstillet i de år hvor Grenache druerne er allerbedst. Man fornemmer helt fra start at vinen er lavet på druer fra vinstokke med en gennemsnitsalder på 115 år. Vinen har en overraskende mørk farve af en 100% grenache og byder på en dyb og fantastisk kompleks næse med nuancer af cigarbox, peber, cedertræ, mørke kirsebær, lakrids, abrikos og appelsinskal. Smagen er ekstraordinært god, intens, smooth, cremet og flintet med noter af modne solbær, blåbær, lakrids og silkebløde tanniner.

Senest bedømt i marts 2018.

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Noter fra vinmageren


A fiery start with one of the warmest summers since 1908. Up until Valentine’s Day there were thoughts not of love from nature, but more an Al Capone style Valentine’s Day massacre! But, then on Valentine’s Day nature did share the love in the form of 90mm of rain. That rain did an amazing job of refreshing all the vines and bringing all of the fruit back into superb balance to enjoy the next 8 weeks of the most temperate sublime autumn harvest weather we have seen for many years. The rain and the weather proved to be a balm for both the vines and the winemaker’s soul.


Mid ruby colour, old vine Grenache spice is evident on the nose but with a little air, some quincy sweetness evolves. Juicy, rounded entry into the mouth, with a touch of liquorice or perhaps anise and some cedar too. This wine will develop more of the talc and musk aromatics over the next few years as its Grenache origins assert themselves.
Cellaring – a decade


The sheer joy of making Richelieu, a wine we make only in the very best of Grenache years, lies in the simplicity of the process. In 2014 the two main blocks used had an average age of 115 years, so the process of capturing those flavours and aromatics is without artifice.
Some whole bunch is used (10% or so, most commonly) and then a cool fermentation with no heavy working of the cap over a 7-10 day maceration., The wine is then pressed off into mostly older barriques where it lies on its lees (“sur lie”) for 24 – 30 months depending on the vintage before a natural settling and bottling.



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Om Charles Melton Wines

Anbefalet af selveste Henschke, der bl.a. står bag en af Australiens mest ikoniske vine Hill Of Grace, er Charles Melton Wines et sted, der byder på noget helt særligt. Charles Melton Wines er et mindre dry grown winery beliggende i Barossa Valley ejet af winemaker Charles Melton og hans kone Virginia. Stedet er usandsynligt smukt og idyllisk og producerer nogle fantastiske vine.


Since the first vintage of Charles Melton Wines in 1984, this small Barossa Valley winery has gained both national and international recognition for its fine red table wines.

The wines move from a light red, ‘The Rose of Virginia’ through to Australia’s premier Rhone-style red, ‘Nine Popes’. Charlie Melton also makes small quantities of Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Sparkling Shiraz, and is the only Australian producer of a vin-santo styled dessert wine, Sotto di Ferro.

Charlie was one of the first to recognize the value and tradition of the Barossa’s old vineyard Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre. At a time when others were pulling out vineyards of Shiraz to plant more fashionable varieties, Charlie was convincing farmers to keep their historic vineyards. He was one of a small group of winemakers who helped retain the viticultural heritage of the Barossa.

Who is Charles Melton?

To cut a long story short …A boy from Sydney named Graeme Melton, arrived in the Barossa Valley in 1973. Graeme and a mate needed jobs to fix their broken-down EH Holden ute to continue their road trip across Australia. There were two jobs going – one as a cellarhand at a local winery called Krondorf, and another pruning at a vineyard down the road. They flipped a coin – Graeme got the cellarhand job.

At Krondorf he met Barossa winemaking legend Peter Lehmann (at the time, chief winemaker for the Dalgety group, Stonyfield and Saltram), and moved with Peter when he set up his new winery 6 years later. Lehmann refused to call his protégé “Graeme”, hence “Charlie” was born – and has stuck!

Just to speed this up a bit… During the next 10 years, ‘Charlie’ honed his winemaking skills under Lehmann – and met his wife-to-be, Virginia. Fast enough? In that time, he also travelled to France, and developed the beginnings of what would become a life-long passion for the wines of the Rhone Valley – in particular the Southern Rhone region where Grenache, Shiraz and Mourvedre are blended with up to 11 other varieties, as in the Chateauneuf du Pape appellation.

In 1984, Charlie purchased his first grapes to be made under the new “Charles Melton” label – and produced a Sparkling Red from old vines dry-grown in the Barossa. He soon splashed out again – this time purchasing 13 acres of Grenache and Shiraz. At that time, he also built the cellar door (“the barn”) and winery which still stands today on Krondorf Road, just outside Tanunda, in the valley of Barossa, in the state of South Australia.

Rødvin. Australien.


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